When choosing a car, manual or automatic transmission?


It is important to define the use of the car and the type of transmission you want, as there are advantages and disadvantages between each of them. The importance of choosing between a box with automatic transmission or standard, lies in the needs and comfort of each driver; However, the advantages and disadvantages of handling, repair and contribution costs for lower fuel consumption, among other points, should also be considered.

We must also bear in mind that currently in the market there are variables in the automatic transmissions that go from conventional, robotic with double clutch, semiautomatic, sequential and continuously variable. To know more, you should understand free car workshop manuals.


It is a manual transmission, it is the gearbox that requires the hand of the driver to increase or decrease the gear.


It has the ability to make gear changes autonomously. There are advantages and disadvantages between one and the other, but the important thing is to define the use that will be given to the vehicle.

Advantages of automatic

1. Provide more comfort and comfort

2. Excellent for people with some physical disability

3. It has no rival in cities with heavy traffic and constant demonstrations

4. It is not necessary to step on clutch to change speed, that decreases the wear of parts

Disadvantages of automatic

1. Car and Auto with these boxes are more expensive than their similar with manual transmission

2. Maintenance and repair costs are also higher

3. It is important to be reviewed and repaired by well qualified personnel

Advantages of manual

1. Vehicles with manual transmission are cheaper than their similar with automatic

2. Allows you to enjoy the feeling of driving with the constant movement of the feet on the pedals and the hands on the gear lever

3. It is not always necessary to press the brake pedal in a steep descent

Disadvantages of manual

1. It is tiring to constantly step on the clutch to change speed, especially in the middle of heavy traffic

2. On irregular roads, with mud or cobblestone, the car could stop if the clutch is not stepped on to make the change of speed

3. In a repair you have to lower the entire box and that involves about four hours.

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