Trip around USA: Top 7 Must-Visit Places for Youth

You can travel throughout the US all year round. In this country, everything is created and works for people. This tourist destination is chosen by tourists of all age categories and various incomes.

Which cities are extremely popular among young people and why?

Washington, D.C.

Heart of America, not included in any of the states. However, along with several neighboring regions, Washington is officially referred to as the District of Columbia. Washington is quite a cozy city, not in comparison with the big metropolis of New York. It is full of interesting historical places. Usually, about Washington they say: “The history of America as in the palm of your hand” – the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon prove it.



A paradise for all who cannot imagine life without pleasure. Sun-drenched state, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, beckons with the atmosphere of endless holiday.  Los Angeles, which performed so many dreams and broke so many hearts, is namely here. San Francisco is a city of those who express themselves “outside the box”. In San Diego, there are first-class beaches, the Yosemite National Park and the highest in North America waterfall.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a city of skyscrapers, famous buildings of the 20s of the last century and beautiful green parks. Moreover, Chicago is called the “City of Winds”. Thousands of restaurants and clubs of the city welcome their visitors with live music in the style of jazz and excellent cuisine. This is a city with the brand Al Capone, who traded during the “dry law”, the city of criminal neighborhoods, in which once gangsters and the mafia flourished.


The cities of Nevada are outlandish oases in the middle of a vast desert. The most famous is Las Vegas, another symbol of the unsteady American dream. Full antipode of Los Angeles – Las Vegas, or, as it is also called here “Sin City”. Every traveler who comes to the United States dreams just for a day come and turn roulette or play a game of poker in one of the Las Vegas casinos, to break the jackpot, playing “one-armed bandit”.

Boston, Massachusetts

Why Boston has been among the top 10 most visited cities in America for so many years? It is a city with a glorious history and many interesting museums and galleries, a neighbor of Harvard and Cambridge. The areas of Boston are very colorful. Downtown is the tourist “Mecca”, being also the business part of the city. The old district of the city with original brick houses and gas lanterns is Beacon Hill. Nevertheless, if you want to plunge in the Chinese atmosphere, visit one of the largest China Towns in the US.

New York City

The USA cannot be imagined without New York – ultra-modern, super-fast, symbolizing success. Megapolis of world importance is included in the list of “best cities for entertainment”. In addition, it is the business and financial center of America. The famous statue of freedom is located here. And a Brooklyn Bridge is a kind of visiting card of the city.

Seattle, Washington

The largest agglomeration in the northeastern United States. A stunningly beautiful city with a warm climate and wonderful landscapes, a good cultural and entertainment center. Highlights of Seattle – Project of the history of music and the Aviation Museum.

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