Travelling Across Australia on Wheels: Tips and Advice for Drivers

Australia is a very large country with a low population density outside of cities. At the same time, most of the natural objects are located beyond the cities, where tourist usually cannot get without a car. For example, to see some of the beauties of the Great Ocean Road and really enjoy the trip, you need either to go with an excursion or by yourself on a rented car. Visit the site of the National Park Lamington (near Brisbane) without a personal kind of transport is impossible.

Features of driving in the country

Therefore, you decided to go to Australia by car, you should take into account the fact that the country is unaccustomed to the CIS left-hand traffic. Many tourists are very frightened of this case, but in practice, if you take a car at the airport and without driving into the city immediately go to the track, you can adapt very quickly.


When renting a car, be sure to make full insurance for it, reducing the excess to $0AUD. Excess is the amount that you will be required to pay when an insurance case happens, and, as a rule, companies install it in $5000, $2000, $1000 Australian dollars. Very often tourists think that they do not want to overpay for “extra” insurance, and then bitterly regret, because they have to pay a larger amount for a scratched bumper in the parking lot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how super-experienced the driver is, there could always be an Australian grandmother or a tourist who mixed up the pedals, so no one is immune from damage. Another plus of full insurance is that there is no need to pay a deposit.

Another tip applicable mostly only to Australian travelers is to buy the most inexpensive travel insurance for a driver that covers excess. It often turns out cheaper than taking full insurance.

What should you know about driving in Australia?

  • Drivers and all the passengers must always wear seat belts;
  • The maximum speed limits are the following: in settlements – 60 km / h, on country roads – 100 km / h, on highways – 130 km / h;
  • The alcohol content in the driver’s blood should not exceed 0,02-0,05 g per 100 ml of blood (depending on the category of the driver’s license).


Remember that you can park a car on the street, where there is no sign “Parking is prohibited”, or other restrictions. Moreover, you can park your car in garages and parking lots, usually with hourly pay.

Car Rental

To rent a car, you must be 21 year old and have an international driving license issued in English. Obtaining such a document for the residents of Russia does not take any difficulties; the main thing is to do it in advance.

The cost of hiring a car is significantly different for those who are under 25 years old. It is believed that such drivers are at risk, so some companies prefer not to give their cars to young people.

Usually a day’s rental of a small car for non-residents of Australia with insurance costs from $50AUD, the bigger a car is, the more expensive it costs.

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We wish you a successful and trouble-free trip!