Signs that Your Car’s Brake System Needs to be Checked

Are you driving your own car? Most of us are driving a car these days and once you are in your car, aside from your skills in driving, you will be at the mercy of the functions of your car. It means that if there is a part of your car that is barely functioning, you can get into an accident and it can cost you your life.

Yes and this is not being too pessimistic as we have seen a lot of accidents happening every day and if the victims still live, they end up severely injured like limbs cannot be used anymore and so on. Do you want to risk yourself being like this? For sure you don’t and this is why you should not take chances as you only have one life to live.

See to it that every part of your vehicle is in the best shape especially the brakes. If you are a driver for sure you know how important brakes are and you can’t just imagine what will happen if they won’t work.

How can you tell if the brakes of your car need checking? Here are some of the signs that are worth observing:

  1. Worn brake pads

The brake pads are the ones that will squeeze down the calipers so that the car will be halted smoothly. However, once the brake pads will begin to wear thin, they will be less effective in slowing down the wheels of your car.

Brake pads can be checked directly as if you will look through the spokes of your wheel, you will be able to see them. If they look thinner than a quarter of an inch, then you should consider replacing them.

  1. Strange sounds

The good thing with most if not all brake pads though is that they come with indicators once they become less functional. Yes, it will squeal the moment you step on it and if that happens in your car, it only means that it needs replacing.

  1. Pulling

When it seems that your car will pull into a certain direction on its own. Note though that there are also times when the reason for this is not the brake but still it means that there is a problem. This is why you still need to have your car checked.

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