Protecting car during winters – essential tips

Maintenance of cars in winters is a job that needs special care and attention. Harsh winter weather can prove to be disastrous for your car if it is not covered and maintained properly. Along with hampering the appearance of the car, winter weather might impact performance of the vehicle to a considerable extent too.

Mentioned below are few highly effective tips which can help protect my car during winter:

  • Check the tyres of the car – Winter snow and rainfall make the roads slippery and the tyres have chances of high skidding causing accidents. The tyres should have good amounts of treads so that they are protected against skidding. In case, the treads have disappeared, try using new tyres for better grip and control on slippery roads. Snow chains and winter tyres are great investments.
  • Refill the radiator without fail – Whether it is harsh winter or scorching summer, it is always recommended to keep the radiator of the car topped up. During winters, using antifreeze is kind of mandatory. With this, the liquid in the cooling system does not turn to ice. It is best to keep some ready-mixed coolant in the car handy so that radiator can be refilled as and when needed. This is helpful in case of emergencies as well.
  • Keep the exteriors clean as much as possible – Just removing the snow from the exterior surface of the car is not enough. It is recommended to deep clean the car exteriors so that winter muck and grit does not infiltrate the nooks and crannies in the vehicle. Without the cleaning, the vehicle will be open to corrosion and this is not good for the health of the car in any way.
  • Park the car in a proper place with suitable covering – Parking the car in a proper place is very essential particularly during the winter season. Various kinds of car covers are available in the market and it is recommended to keep the car covered in full so that the exterior surface is protected. If buying a cover is not possible, park the car in a place where there is a shade on top. The harsh weather elements do not impact the car directly in such cases. You will also be saved from the hassles of clearing snow from the car surface before hitting the road with such an arrangement.
  • Adding wax for car paint protection – If you want to keep your car healthy and happy during the rough winter months, using a spray wax works wonders for additional paint protection. The layer of polymer wax is complemented with this special arrangement. The process of application of spray wax is easy and it can be wiped off easily as well. Involve kids in the work and see how keeping the car in good shape becomes an enjoyable activity for all.

Keeping the car covered is the most important and easy thing that can be done. There are many companies from which such covers can be bought – both online and offline. Check out for more details.