Information on the Driving Simulator Software by Carnetsoft

This software is available in various modules and is a reliable way to assess the fitness of a driver. This driving test simulator software can be used successfully in several clinical applications.

Two versions

These modules are available in two versions:

  • Module S3a: Clinical modules with runtime license, including tests for assessment of
    driver fitness;
  • Module S3b: Clinical modules with runtime license, including tests for assessment of
    driver fitness, 
  • Module S2-3: Additional there is offers a restricted research software simulator options that can be used on the quantifiable simulations/tests and simulated environments so you are able to research, or changeto develop your own tests for assessment.

These clinical modules comprise:

  • 12 simulations in 12 driving tests and in 5 various environments;
  • Two driving simulations aimed for the treatment of those who have a fear of driving;
  • Two simple driving simulation tests, with 2 simulations for practice that are modelled for the assessment of driver’s fitness to drive;
  • Brake time test for reaction;
  • Steering reaction time test;
  • 6 more driving tests that are more complicated;
  • Some of these tests have several situations that are unexpected;
  • Driving under circumstances that are demanding;
  • Tests to cause sleepiness aimed at those with any sleeping disorders.

Fitness for driving

These methods usually are used for the assessment of fitness for driving:

  • CVA
  • Older age
  • Sleep apnea
  • Various neurological conditions

These tests often lack validity and reliability. To assess fitness to drive effectively, more is needed than the eye tests which are traditional, and tests of urine samples. Driving test simulator also in some cases are less suitable for the reliable assessment of driver fitness.

More is needed

More is needed in the design of the test especially for the driving assessment in older people, due to the increased risk of cyber or simulator sickness in this population. Only then will the driving simulator tests be more of a valuable addition to the set of instructions to evaluate fitness to drive.

Fear of driving

But the simulator to measure fear of driving has been very efficient since people are tested for a longer period of time without any real risk.