INFINITI outscores mainstream counterparts in Consumer Report

CR Consumer Reports in 2014 published their list of best cars. They rated INFINITI cars among the best eight cars. INFINITI, not surprisingly, fared better than its mainstream counterpart Nissan.

Since then, the luxury car maker has significantly improved the existing lines and introduced newly designed luxury models. The new models are a major step in the quest of INFINITI to consistently rank high among the world’s luxury car makers.

The new INFINITI Q50 is a decisive step in this direction with its new, more passionate design that is meant to differentiate it positively from the practical, cold classic air of the leading German competitors. Some industry writers labeled it a “passionate Latin feel”.

But nothing is better than to see for yourself. Visit INFINITI dealerships in southern California to have a close look at the Q50.

What are luxury cars?

The concept goes decades when an American car maker slapped some wood paneling on some of their cars, added a few convenience features, and called it a luxury car. At first, American buyers received it well but fizzled out when Japanese and European competitors entered the field of luxury cars with superior quality and designs.

Nowadays, all dominating luxury cars are made by European or Japanese manufacturers. Among them INFINITI. In 2014, sales jumped 14 percent outpacing their top Japanese, American and German competitors.

In 2014, INFINITI held a share of 6.2% of the US. luxury market. It represented a 0.8% increase over the previous year. According to IHS Automotive, INFINITI sales surpassed its closest competitor for the first time in 2015. They are projected to increase and stay ahead in worldwide luxury car sales as INFINITI dealerships in southern California will happily tell you.

Is there a difference between INFINITI and Nissan automobiles?

INFINITI and Nissan cars look very much alike. In fact, INFINITI models were at first just re-branded Nissans. That is not surprising because Nissan owns INFINITI. Nissan founded INFINITI as a means of capturing more of the automotive market, mainly the high-quality, luxury sector.

However, there are several important differences.

Passenger comfort

As a true luxury car, INFINITI places greater emphasis on passenger comfort, smoothness of ride, and creature comforts than equivalent Nissan models. Smart key, better noise suppression, leather interior, and advanced electronics come to mind.


If you need performance, look for an INFINITI, not a Nissan. For example, the 2015 Q50 sports a 3.7-liter V-6 engine with 328 horsepower. The look-alike 2016 Maxima, on the other hand, has a 3.5-liter V-6 with up to 300 horses. Nevertheless, both vehicles have an estimated 30 mpg on the highway.

Advanced technologies

If you fancy advanced technology INFINITI is your make. Their cars get it often long before Nissan models are available with the same features. For example, ask INFINITI dealerships in southern California for a hybrid model. INFINITI can sell you the Q50 hybrid, Nissan cannot.

Go see your INFINITI dealer before you buy anything else.​cro/magazine/2014/04/who-makes-the-best-cars/index.htm