How to calculate how many tons a dump truck can carry

A lot of us must have witnessed trucks on highway. These loaded trucks are at times risky, especially if they are overloaded. Overloading the truck can be extremely dangerous. In case you ever plan to load to a truck, you must know how many tons a dump truck can you carry.

One must go by the formula when it comes to calculating the units of dump a truck can carry. A dump truck’s capacity is measured first by the volume of its bucket: V=L*W*H. However, please take note that you have to know the density of what you are filling the bucket with. Furthermore, it is  measured by the rating of its tires. A given tire has a designed capacity, perhaps 1500kg per tire. If the truck has 10 of those tires, then it could haul 15 tons minus its empty weight.

This simple math should be considered while estimating the tons a dump truck can carry. This is helpful when you are out to buy a truck or when you put used garbage truck for sale.

Moving ahead, another vital point to consider is a truck’s capacity. It is also constrained by its axle ratings and powertrain, but generally speaking, they are all built tough enough to fulfill the demand of “can carry.” GVW rating is for highway speed, which is pretty safe to exceed if you go slow and for a short level distance. Even a Ford Ranger, rated for 1/2 ton, “can carry” 4 tons.

If we are to give an example, then it would say, if a cubic yard of sand weighs 2.2 tons then a typical garbage dump truck holds about 9 tons of trash. The largest dump trucks are mining trucks that are more than two stories high with diesel engines that weigh more than 12 tons. These massive dump trucks hold a maximum payload of 400 tons.

Determine Your Truck’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

GVWR is the total amount of weight of your truck can carry.  This includes the weight of the vehicle itself, all the necessary fluids for operation (gasoline, diesel, oil and so on) as well as any cargo and passengers.  Your vehicle\’s manufacturer calculates and is located in your owner’s manual or on the vehicle’s door frame. You can also look online to find your vehicle’s GVWR.

Determine Your Truck’s Curb Weight

Curb weight is how much your truck is weighed on its own without any passengers or cargo. This measurement includes a full tank of gas and any other fluids that are needed to keep your vehicle functioning properly.

You must check the owner’s manual or consult the manufacturer of the vehicle to determine the tons a dump truck can carry. But in case that cannot be done, you can, have your vehicle towed to an auto garage and have your truck weighed as is, without any added cargo or accessories. This will give you the curb weight of your vehicle.

We believe, you have enough information about it! Now, get to calculate the tons a dump truck can carry.