Get the Most Money for Your Used Car in Dubai

One of the best places to sell a car is at I know that may seem surprising to you but keep reading.

Where to sell

To sell any car Dubai takes 3 steps and about 30 minutes. The first step you will get a free evaluation on this company’s website. After putting in the make, made, and year of the car you want to sell – before you can take another breath you will have the valuation on your car. Then you can book an appointment and in about 30 minutes you will have completed your sale and will have cash in your hand. You need to check with them first before selling your car as it might mean more cash for you!

Top price

You are probably wondering how they buy your old car at the top price. Simple -they buy hundreds of used cars every month as they deal in volume. With only one stop for an onsite inspection at their location in Al Barsha, your car can be marked SOLD and you will already have the money in your bank. All of this with none of the stress that selling a used car can cause you.


The goal of this business is to give their clients the highest value possible in a convenient and quick way. They base their auto valuations on:

  • Being fair
  • Being transparent
  • Based on expertise
  • Knowledge of the used car business


This company promotes the following values:

  • Customer service that is excellent as well as fair and fast
  • Honesty that is defined by their high rate of standards
  • Communications meaning, they engage with employees, customers and vendors for new ideas that inspires innovation
  • Brand that represents professionalism and respectable manner

So, the next time you hear someone say, sell my car Dubai – they aren’t crazy; they really did sell it in Dubai.

No hassle

The is a car buying service that makes selling your used car hassle free! No paying for placing ads, no handling of phone calls, no emails from people that are just wanting information and no appointments where no one shows up.