Five tips so you know how to choose a good workshop

Want to choose a good workshop? What to know the tips? If you want to know what they are, continue with the reading: we explain them to you all.

  1. First of all, well identified

The workshops must have a distinctive plaque on the door. In it are written the abbreviations of the province, the industrial registration number and the activity that develops (a wrench indicates mechanical workshop, a broken arrow, electricity repairs, a hammer, body repairs and a paint gun showing that it’s a painting workshop).

2. Clean and in order

Do a first analysis of the workshop: does chaos reign or is it a clean and orderly place? Seeing how they maintain their own business can be a sign of how they work.

  1. Transparency

It is important that the site transmit transparency, no secrecy. Thus, to see the facilities or obtain information about the breakdown and its repair by a mechanic should not be a problem. Transparency is fundamental; They have to clarify doubts, present a budget, inform you of possible hidden damages. You need as many as possible info about honest workshop and for your info, tells you about how a workshop should be.

  1. Welcome inspection

It would not hurt to note the possible damage that your car has, something important when claiming if your vehicle does not leave in the same good condition in which it entered.

5. The desirable shelter

Although it is not a usual practice, you should know that the workshops are obliged to give you a deposit slip that you should present to pick up your car. It is not an absurd process; Imagine that your vehicle is being stolen while it is being repaired. How could you claim it?