Driving Through Arizona

Arizona State Flag

Arizona is a beautiful state in the Southwest that offers beautiful landscapes to drive 4×4 vehicles across. There is more open terrain in Arizona for off-roading than in most states. The reality is that there are also many types of terrain that require different vehicles for travel. There are sand dunes that need ATV style motor vehicles with sand tires and big engines. There is mountainous terrain the requires modified off-road vehicles with plenty of ground clearance and upgraded suspension. And of course, there are the open desert roads that will take you from Phoenix to California.

Traveling The Open Roads

I would suggest nothing more than finding a convertible sports car to make that trip with. Not all of us have the luxury of owning a convertible sports car, but the great thing is that you can rent one for a day or even a week. Think about that, you can enjoy the luxury of a sports car without owning one. This is something I do yearly, I have rented Corvettes, Mustangs, and many other American made muscle cars and have made the trip from Arizona to Colorado and beyond. The open road is calming to me, and having a reliable rental vehicle to travel it with makes the experience even greater.

Sedona AZ Jeep tours

During the winter months, I prefer to hit the hills of Sedona and take part in off-road adventures with various 4×4 clubs here in Arizona. The problem in the past has been that I do not own a Jeep so I have had to either ride along as a passenger or rent one. I came across a company that owns a fleet of premier Jeep rentals in Sedona. Off-roading through the red rocks is a glorious experience that is worthy of your time. You must bring a camera and document your travels because it is an experience you will not want to forget. I use MYE Jeep for my Sedona off road rentals and the experience has been one I would recommend to others. The Jeeps are always well maintained, and they come with custom navigation tablets that provide GPS location information.

There are some amazing trails to check out if you decide to tackle Sedona for an outdoor adventure. The Outlaw Trail is a fantastic trip that allows you to experience a variety of off-road scenarios. There are some decent hill climbs and some rugged terrain that should bounce you around pretty good. Van Deren Cabin is another fun excursion that takes you through a historical adventure into Sedona to one of the most historical settlers cabins in all of Arizona. There have been some efforts to preserve it and you will definitely need a modified off-road vehicle to access it but the road trip is worth it.

Imperial Sand Dunes Yuma AZ

The other driving adventure we like to partake in is the Imperial Sand Dunes found in Yuma, AZ. Now you definitely need a modified vehicle to access and enjoy these rolling hills of sand. This is another off-road adventure that can be enjoyed with a rental vehicle. There are companies like MYE Jeep that offer Jeep rentals, but then there are rental locations in Yuma that offer sand rails and Razors. The Razors are amazing, they have come along way over the last 10 years and have truly become inspirational off-road vehicle. They come in 2 doors and 4 door options with engine variations under the hood. So much fun to rally through these sand hills in a high-performance off-road vehicle.