Common Mercedes-Benz Problems Every Car Owner Should Know

Imported luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz come with an expensive price tag. Sadly, their price does not guarantee that you won’t run into car trouble. Even the best-built car brand will have a few problems once in awhile. Most of these issues can be fixed with a help of a licensed mechanic and ordering Mercedes parts online.

The trouble with repairing European cars in the US is the lack of experts available. Allowing just anyone to do the repairs your Mercedes-Benz requires isn’t advisable. To ensure that your mechanic is doing the right job it pays to know what the problem is what’s causing it, this way they can’t damage your car any further. Here are a few common Mercedes-Benz car problems:

1. Gear Shifter Stuck On Park

Owners of Class S and E Mercedes-Benz models will are those that will encounter this problem more often. Starting and running won’t be an issue, but gear shifter will remain on park, even with the engines are shut. The failure is due to the selector module and gradual wear and tear. The first time this happens, see a licensed Mercedes-Benz repair shop immediately. You don’t want to end up struggling with your gear shift more than once.

2. Extended Startup Rattling

There are a few Mercedes-Benz models with engines that produce a rattling sound during the initial startup. This is fairly common with cars used in areas where the weather is cold. The problem becomes more serious when the rattling lasts longer than 15 seconds. The sound can be due to a worn out belt tensioner or because of the water pump pulley. Either way, you need to get your car checked or you might find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

3. Ignition Key Fails To Turn

The key will enter the ignition barrel but refuses to turn. You find yourself stuck and calling a tow truck. Sadly ignition key failure is fairly common due to wear through which makes it difficult to turn the key. After it happens once, start looking up for Mercedes parts online for a replacement. You’ll definitely save a lot of money from towing services.

4. Window Regulator Problems

The window regulator is the part of the car that does the lowering and raising of the window. With a simple press of a button, the window goes up and down. The problem with the regulator is its plastic parts. Since the mid 90’s plastic spools and pulleys were used by Mercedes for their window regulators. These plastic parts eventually wear down with age and can no longer do their job of opening and closing windows. There is no other way to solve this issue but to replace the parts with new ones.

There are a couple more common Mercedes-Benz problems that owners should always look out for. All of them should be addressed immediately because there is always a risk of breakdown in the middle of the road. Stay safe and order all the right Mercedes parts online to replace the old ones. Just because your MB is a little old doesn’t mean it can’t function like it’s brand new.

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