Car Tent: Useful or Not

Car tent is a new concept in the market. Car tent is an automatic car umbrella. Since date, only humans were using umbrellas. When people hear about umbrella for car, they give a shocking reaction. Car tent acts like an umbrella for a car. Obviously, it is very useful. Some of the advantages of car tent are:

  • Wireless Automatic

Car tent is a wireless setup that is easily operated by remote controller. It just needs 8 seconds to open or close. You can close and open it for 10000 times for lifetime. Once charged, it works for 45 days.

  • Cools Down Temperature

Car tent helps in providing shade to car and hence cooling down the temperature of the car. It also provides shade to car wherever it is parked. It provides car parking shade.

  • Provides Protection

Car tent protects car from snow, hail and other falling objects. In addition, it covers your car from leaves, dust, bird’s droppings and acid rain. It can withstand wind up to 30mph.

  • Fits For Every Car

Car tent is available for every car such as Sedan, Pickup, SUV, Jeep, and Mini and for 4-wheel beach motor. It is easy to use anywhere and anytime.

  • Transforms into Camping Tent

One can easily attach extra umbrella clothes to car tent and convert it into house. It is a closed house and very comfortable. It is easy to make and pack.

  • Transforms into Beach Umbrella

Car tent can be easily used as beach umbrella just by adding umbrella stand to it. It is windproof and very convenient to use.

  • Transforms into A Power Bank

It can be converted into a LED camping tent. You can also charge your phone in this tent. USB light can be installed for bringing light in room.

  • Available in Multi Shades

Car tent is available in different patterns and shades. One can customize design himself as well. It comes in varied designs. One can use it for advertising there own brands or business as well.

Car tent is a newer concept and convenient. It can be used to protect your car or lower down its temperature. One can make it install in their cars if they face any such problems.