Buying a Dodge 101: Challenger vs. Charger

Are you a fan of sports cars? Do you love big muscle cars that make you look more macho than the average person?  If your answer is yes, then the Dodge is the right car for you. First things first, are you buying a new or a used car? What is your price range? There are seven Dodge models for every car owner.


The Challenger is a favorite among race car enthusiast because of its speed and build. One can pick from a range of engine capacities such as the V6 or V8 engines that give the car its horsepower that goes up to 305 for the V6 driving force. It has a capacity of only four adults, and its classic 1970s exterior remains. The Challenger is fitted with modern technology to suit your entertainment choices and is reasonably fuel efficient. When driving on highways, the V8 engine fuel saver technology switches from eight cylinders to four cylinders saving you a lot of fuel. The Bloomington Dodge price ranges from 4000$ for a new car with very little mileage on it depending on the dealership.  


The 2017 models have the same powerful engine options as the challenger, but the charger has some unique features that race cars need. Built as a show car in the early 1960s, the new model has kept the original build. The performance car now has rear five-link suspension, collision warning with active braking, and those powerful V8 engines with 6.2L capacity. The engine has a 470 horsepower which is far much greater than the Challenger and gives it an upper hand in performance. The charger is known for its angular LED headlights and its aerodynamic build.  The eight-speed automatic transmission and variable valve timing which is available for both the 5.7L V8 and 392 HEMI V8 engines achieve fuel efficiency. They also deactivate four cylinders when under light load.

The prices vary depending on the charger model, but it ranges starting from $27,995. The pros of buying a Dodge car are in its abundant performance. It’s not so spacious, you will spend quite a lot of money on the regular trips to the gas station because of the V8 engines, and the ride is not so comfortable given the rear suspensions as compared to the Challenger. Some features, however, make it worth the ride such as the touch-screen technology. If you are buying a used Dodge, the Bloomington price range from $9,991-$69,990 depending on the model, make, and the year of manufacture. The cost considers the mileage of the vehicle available for sale ranging from 30,000 or less to 80, 000 or less. You will find the dodge that best suits your price range, body style, condition, year, and make in various dealerships in Bloomington. If you like a more comfortable and spacious car for you family, many would suggest the SUV. If you are looking for some details such as a touchscreen, Bluetooth, an AUX cord input, a sunroof or even better a leather sunroof, the Dodge has all these trim details available for choosing.